Forest Church

What is Forest Church?

Forest Church is not just 'church in a forest' - it's about coming together in a woodland environment and connection with nature to engage with our Christian tradition and scriptures through creativity, imagination, conservation, fun and games.  It is rooted in the six principles of Forest School, and led by Level 3 qualified Forest School Leaders.

Who is Forest Church for?

Forest church is open to anyone, and is designed to be accessible and enjoyable by all ages.  Children do need to come with parents or carers, but adults are very welcome to come along by themselves!  If you enjoy being outside, getting your hands dirty, making stuff, and spending time in company then we think you'll love joining us.  If it draws you a little bit closer to God that's awesome too!

Sessions are open for up to 30 individuals to come along, so we do ask you to fill out the form below to let us know that you'll be joining us.

What sort of things will I do at Forest Church?
That's quite a hard question to answer, as one of the principles of Forest School is that it's 'participant-led' - which means our programme will evolve as you let us know what you enjoy doing and want to do more of...  but you can expect knot-tying, tools skills, camp fires (and cooking on them), along with arts and crafts using natural materials, and lots of fun, games, chat and laughter. 

Where and when is Forest Church?

2pm-4pm on the third Sunday of each month from March-July, and September-December at the woodland behind Admiral Long School in Burnt Yates, offering an exciting afternoon of activities and play opportunity suitable for all ages.  There is parking available in the Village Car Park, a (very) short walk from the site.

What do I need to bring to Forest Church?

Mostly just yourself, and a desire to have a good time playing in the woods, and an awareness that that might mean getting a bit grubby... but sensible clothing and shoes help. When you you book in you'll get some suggestions of what's appropriate for the season we're currently in, and details of anything else you might need - we might, for instance, ask you to bring your own mug for a cup of tea (easier than us washing up in a wood afterwards you see...)

How much does it cost?

Nothing!  Wow!  But if you would like to give something towards the costs of running the sessions you are very welcome to do so - you can either do that when you register to come along, or if you want to support us because you just think this is a great idea for other people then you can do that just here.

More information can be found in our handbook (which is a little bit wordy!) - editted highlights of which are available here - we would particularly recommend reading the 'Who we are and what we do' section.

You don't need to book, you can just pitch up.  It does make things a ltitle easier for us though if you do, as it gives us some idea of how many to expect.  Luckily it's really easy!  Just fill out this marvellous form: