If you are looking to arrange a funeral, burial, or interment of ashes in one of our churches, the best first action is to speak to Paul, the Vicar, (Ripon 677123) who will be able to advise, or to your funeral director.

If the arrangement is for a resident of the Parish in question there should be no problems in making your arrangements. You have a legal right to be buried in the parish in which you normally reside, or the parish in which you die. Funerals, are, however, often a very important local event, and if you are from without the parish, unless there are very strong personal connections with the church you are interested in, we would first encourage you to approach your local parish church. However, if there are those connections with one of our Churches, for example the funeral is for someone who has been a regular member of our congregation, then we will do what we can to be there for you.

Wherever the funeral happens, we offer our condolences and prayers at this time. If you would like us to pray for your loved one, please do let us know, either by phone, or by using the 'Contact Us' link, and we will be pleased to add them into our intercessions for you.

If you are thinking further ahead, and looking to arrange reservation of a grave space, this can only be done by application for a faculty, which would need the support of the PCC. As grave spaces are limited, there are no guarantees that we would be able to offer that support. The best thing, again, is to be in touch and talk things through.

It is also worth noting that the only gravestones or memorial tablets the vicar can directly approve are those in line with the Diocesan regulations, a copy of which can be found here.