Volunteering and Vocations

We believe in a building a diverse church community, into which people can offer their gifts and talents that they may bless others, and also grow themselves in confidence and ability.  Thank you for showing an interest in sharing what you have to offer!

Here's a quick overview of some of the roles that other people are stepping into, it's by no means exhaustive:

Roles in and around worship activies

    • The Host Team are responsible for getting the church ready to greet worshippers, and making them feel welcome when they arrive.  This can involve setting things up before a service, as well as making sure people are comfortable on arrival, during, and after the service.
    • During our services there is usually at least one Bible reading read by a volunteer Reader.  In All Saints' church this is done on a rota (currently our volunteers are on 'duty' about 2 or 3 times a year), in our smaller churches it tends to be a less formal more ad hoc arrangement.
    • Intercessors are those who lead prayers during our services.  The prayers are sometimes provided from publications, and sometimes written by those volunteering.  As with Readers, we have rota in All Saints', and less formal arrangements in our other churches.
    • Lay Eucharistic Ministers (Chalice Assistants) assist with the preparation of the table for communion during the service, and with distributing bread and wine.
    • Voluntary Musicians help support our worship at various times, and on various occasions.  We're always looking to expand our pool and repertoire!
    • Bell Ringers at Ripley ring the bells before services, and at Weddings, to announce worship to the world at large.
    • Refreshments are served after many of our services, and coffee-makers, biscuit platers, and washer-uppers are always welcome!
    • Our Sunday School (Sunday Stars and Supernovas) are led by our excellent group of Sunday Stars Leaders, usually meeting twice a month (2nd and 4th Sundays) in Ripley Town Hall.


Wider Ministry and Activities

    • Through the Summer we operate a Thursday cafe in All Saints' Church Ripley, which helps support the life and ministry of our churches.  We are always in need of more hands to join the Cafe Team and offer an open-hearted welcome to visitors, and fill them up with coffee and cake.
    • The areas of church life identified as priorities by the Church Council are being led through 'Passion-Led Groups', and PLG Membership is open to all who want to help develop our work around Ecology and Environment, Engagement with Charities and Community, and Events and Fundraising.  You can read a bit more about those groups just here.
    • We have Flower Arrangers making all our churches look beautiful - no formal training needed!
    • Often unseen, but never unappreciated volunteer Cleaners work in the backgroud to keep our churches clean and welcoming.

Statutory Roles

    • We have 5 Churchwardens who collegially share responsibility for various matters across the whole parish.  They are elected each year at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting.
    • Also at the APCM we elect 5 PCC Members, who along with ex officio officers and members make up the Church Council.
    • Every two years 4 Deanery Synod Representatives are elected by the parish at the APCM to represent us at the Deanery Synod.


There are a number of more formal licensed vocational roles that people can pursue within the church  including Lay Minister, Lay Pastoral Assistant, Lay Worship Leader, and Clergy.  If you feel this might be something for you, please do not hesitate in sharing that sense with us, so we can help on your journey of discernment.


We are committed to doing all we can to keep our church a safe place for all, so for all our voluntary roles we practice Safer Recruitment as outlined in Promoting a Safer Church, Parish Safeguarding Handbook (section 5), and roles of significant responsibility, and/or that involve working with children and vulnerable adults are subject to robust appointment procedures including DBS checks and references.  You can find out more about our Safeguarding commitments and policy just here.