Putting on a (Fundraising) Event

We love that you want to run an event as part of our church community, and want to do all we can to help make it possible.  The first step is completing the below form, which will help us make sure that your event fits well in our calendar so it can be as successful as possible, and work out what further information we need to share with you, or you with us.


If it looks like a good fit with our calendar and objectives we'll let you know as soon as possible, so you can get on with planning in detail.  You can find a list of upcoming events at the bottom of this page to check for any obvious clashes; and we're currently raising funds for general church purposes only.


As well as the details of the event itself, we will need to work together make sure we're on firm ground with health and safety, safeguarding, and financial management.


You may find it's easier to share out these responsibilities with a few others so that everyone is doing a little. In our experience it's useful to have someone as an overall event organiser, someone responsible for distribution of posters/flyers (we will put them together for you from the information you give us, so that's one job saved!), someone responsible for Health and Safety aspects; and someone with responsibility for the finances.

You may find it useful to have a look over, or make sure someone has looked over, the following (if you'd rather wait until you've heard back from us, that's absolutely fine!):

Thank you again for your enthusiasm, and in advance for your idea!